Production mode

Switch to production mode and start moving real money.

We suggest making sure you’ve set up your account and familiarized yourself with the platform in test mode before switching to production mode.

Complete profile

Before Moov activates your account for production access, you’ll be prompted to complete your business profile. After you’ve submitted all the required information, Moov will need to verify your business and representatives. If you’re not already in touch with a representative at Moov, one of our sales team members will connect with you to ensure you’re ready to go live.

Activate production account GIF of Moov Dashboard

Update account

Once you’re in production mode and ready to start building, make sure to:

Switch out accountID anywhere in your code where accountID is hard coded

  • Generate new API keys
  • Set up new webhook URLs
  • Explore our Quick start guide for starter code step-by-step instructions

Invite team members

Use the account switcher in the Moov Dashboard to switch to production mode. While in production mode, you can invite team members to your production account. Inviting team members to your production account does not enable them to use your test account. If you’d also like to invite team members to your test account, you will need to do that separately in test mode.

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