A dispute occurs when a cardholder formally questions the validity of a payment by raising a complaint to their card issuer. If the dispute is successful, the card issuer will process a chargeback, reversing the payment so the cardholder can get their money back.

Note that a dispute is different from a refund, since disputes involve raising a complaint to the card issuer, while refunds involve raising an issue with the merchant.

How Moov handles disputes

Moov manages chargebacks directly with the card networks, so there’s no specific action our customers need to take. The chargeback amount can be either a portion of the original transfer, or the full amount of a transfer. Once we receive chargeback details from the card network, we process the chargeback by debiting the merchant’s Moov wallet.

Notifications for disputes

You can receive notifications on disputes through the dispute.created webhook event. Subscribing to that event will let you know the dispute was created and completed. Note that even if a transfer has a dispute, its overall transfer status will remain complete.

Viewing dispute information

If a transfer has been disputed, you can see information about the dispute on the transfer object for the original transferID in question. See the following example of a dispute with sample data:

  "disputeID": "ec7e1848-dc80-4ab0-8827-dd7fc0737b43", 
  "createdOn": "2019-08-24T14:15:22Z",
  "amount": "5000",
  "networkReasonCode": "10.3", 
The networkReasoncode field indicates the card network’s category for the dispute. These codes may differ between card brands.


How does Moov tell me about cardholder disputes?
Moov notifies of incoming disputes using webhooks and APIs. Review developer documentation and information. You’re platform is responsible for notifying impacted merchants of the incoming dispute(s).
How long does a merchant have to respond to a dispute?
Timeframes for dispute responses varies based upon the card brand, dispute type and phase of the dispute. Moov recommends obtaining responses for Visa, Mastercard and Discover in 14 calendar days. American Express in ten calendar days to allow time for processing.
A merchant provided documentation to fight a dispute. How do I provide this documentation to Moov?
To respond to a dispute with supporting documentation or to accept liability, please submit a Support Ticket for Card Payment Issues and select an Inquiry type of “Cardholder Dispute”. Include the case number along with any supporting documentation and an explanation of the action you want Moov to take. If you are providing a response for more than one case, please ensure the applicable case numbers and actions are clearly defined and any supporting documents are labeled with the case number in the file name to prevent processing delays.
What is accepting liability on a cardholder dispute?
Accepting liability on a cardholder dispute means that the merchant will not contest the dispute and will accept the permanent return of the funds to the cardholder. This is final action and cannot be undone.