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Managing teams

Within the Moov Dashboard, you can invite team members to access your account. For security and privacy purposes, you can customize roles to determine what a team member can see and do within the platform. To set up roles and customize permissions settings for the members on your team, see the guide on Managing roles.

To invite a new user, go to the settings page and select Members. From there, select the Invite button and enter the user’s email address and assign at least one role. An invitation remains valid for 48 hours before it expires. If a user doesn’t accept their invitation within 48 hours, you’ll need to re-invite them through the same process.

Inviting a member

Editing roles for an existing member

You can always add or remove roles for a team member as your needs dictate. Under Members, navigate to the Member you need to change and select Manage roles. In the dialog box, you can select or un-select which roles are relevant to the member you’re editing.

Note: If you need to create a completely new role, refer to the instructions for Setting up roles.

Editing a member

Managing roles for a member

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