Test mode

Once you’re signed up with Moov, you’ll be set up with both a production account and a test account. The test account lets you interact with our platform without having to send real money.

You can switch between production and test mode in the Moov Dashboard by using the account drop down in the upper left hand corner of the Dashboard.

Toggle to test account

You will need to create an API key specific to the test account. We suggest naming the API key something that will help you remember that it’s for testing purposes.

Test account API keys


Note that when you request a capability that requires a verified account in test mode, the account will automatically receive the verified status, even though Moov has not actually made any verification checks.


All transfers made in test mode will automatically receive the completed status. There are not currently any simulated failed or reversed failures in test mode.


To simulate micro-deposits in test mode, input the amount $0.00 and the bank account verification will succeed. If you input any other amount, the bank account verification will not complete.